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Okay, as appealing as reading by the pool all day is (and I did go back to your required reading, Scott, just as soon as I finished Book 6), I can feel my muscles atrophying even as I type this. So I'm going to play some hoops, and as one-on-none is boring, I'd like to see at least one person join me. Any takers? I know it's hot, but I promise a mini-snowstorm after the game.
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I don't know about you, Jubes, but I feel much better now. Though my iPod skin is kinda greasy from the sunscreen, and I've had far too much lemonade. Oh, and Ninja Kittens have apparently stolen our Grand High Prankster for the weekend. ;) Or so the refrigerator would have us believe, and I have no reason not to trust him!

And I'm leaving in about 45 minutes, so anyone that's going with me, make sure you're out front or you're left behind!
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So who's going to the bookstore tomorrow night? Do we have a carpool going? I volunteer to drive/chaperone, so long as everyone promises not to spoil me on the way home!

I'm assuming curfews will be suspended for the evening, right, kind and wonderful adult types? We don't want a school full of rioting children with TK, after all. ;)


Jul. 5th, 2005 06:45 pm
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Okay, I know there's been a lot to catch up on, I have a lot of new names to remember, and I'll probably forget a few things people have told me, but there are a few things I'm sure I would remember. Like, oh, if someone had mentioned DR. GREY NOT BEING DEAD.

I think my heart has now returned to normal speeds, after a several hours to recuperate. Though I shouldn't be surprised, stranger things have happened here.
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Popcorn and movies nowish. Everyone's invited. Kitty's choice on the flicks.

It's good to be home.
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Can't sleep. I don't think I was in Cali long enough for it to be the time zone difference, but oh well. Good time to make an entry, I guess.

California was awesome. Thanks for inviting me along, Jane. And thanks to the Evil Twins for...well, meddling, as usual.

But now it's time to buckle down. My exam is only half-written, which is not good. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow night. Also, my offer is still open to anyone needing help studying for History, Literature, or Math.

And I think it's high time for an ice cream party. Some time this week? I'll pick up lots of cream and sugar, and you guys can supply the mix ins and flavors.
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Well. Back on the journals, anyway. After all, it's not like I've gone running off to throw a little diva-fit or anything.

And I'm SO not reading all the entries from the past couple of weeks, so if there's something I should know that hasn't been endlessly gossiped about in the halls, classes, kitchen, rec room...lemme know.
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Ugh. My throat and lungs hurt. Too much smoke inhalation. If it's not better by tomorrow, I'll head downstairs and see what the docs can do for me.

It felt good to help, though. And at least the cold doesn't bother me. (No, Amanda, I'm not trying to rub it in. Well. Maybe a little bit.)

Okay. Lozenge is nearly dissolved, so it's back to try to sleep some more.
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I think I'm gonna take a break from reading the journals for a few days. So if anything important happens that I should know about, email me?

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I'll be home tomorrow. She's gone too far this time. If it wasn't so damn late, I'd just get in the car and drive, but I'm tired, and it's probably not the best idea...

ARGH. Parents.

Ali? I need to talk to you about a couple of things when I get back, if you have the time. And congrats on the record label, I think it's a great idea.
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Off to see the 'rents tomorrow. No wonder I can't sleep. We actually did make a lot of progress last time I visited, I thought. And then I was kidnapped by Magneto, and my life fell apart, and suddenly my parents dealing with my mutation was less important.

So yeah. Don't know exactly how long I'll stay, I guess that all depends on how long I can stand it. But I'll have my cell phone, and I have a computer in my room unless Ronnie turned it over to some government agency to check for files on 'dangerous mutant activites', so I'll be able to check email, and keep up on the journals, somewhat.

Hope everyone has fun in England. And wherever else you end up over break.
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Can someone thaw the kitchen?

...I don't want to talk about it.
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Okay, so I owe Angelo a party. I'm running into town to get supplies, as soon as classes are out. So, anyone need anything? Any suggestions for movie/video game rentals?

Also, everyone's invited to join us, in the rec room tonight. 7ish until we get bored, feel free to stop by.

And of course, ice cream a la Bobby Drake shall be in abundance.
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All right, at least one of you smokers must be awake right now...

I need a cigarette. Anyone want to take pity on me and share?


Feb. 12th, 2004 07:39 am
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Yikes. Okay, that was NOT supposed to happen. Um...all the chaos and door slamming was (more or less) indirectly my fault. I'm sure you can get the whole story out of one of the injured (or intended to be injured) parties, but I'm sure not ratting myself out, sorry. All I'll say is good idea, bad execution--and speaking of execution, the line to castrate/mutilate/kill me is forming up on the left, please line up in an orderly fashion, no pushing, running or horseplay.

I'm SO SORRY, everyone. Sounds like I owe everyone breakfast tomorrow, or something?
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Well, since everyone ELSE is showing off their dress, this is what I intend to wear...sorry Paige, I'll save the shirt for another day.

JOKING. Nobody get any ideas, just...someone help me get my damn tie straight?
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Wow. Back in my own room--except. Not. I mean, I guess it is my own room, but it's not my old room. Apparently "I" asked for it while I was gone--makes sense, under the circumstances. I just found out when we got back from Mexico, actually. John oh-so-politely informed me that I was no longer his roommate, and helped me find my new room as only John can do. Thanks for all your help.

Having my own room has its benefits, though. (NOT A WORD, ALISON BLAIRE.) Especially with the ongoing control problems I'm having. At least this way I don't risk icing someone's lava lamp and shattering it, or something.

So, any updates on Alex? And Lorna? Anyone? Also, how's Miles doing, Al?
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I'm thankful...

that I'm alive. That's pretty much it right now, so I probably shouldn't say any more.

Alison, thanks for the hot chocolate, and the company. Sorry I haven't been much of a conversationalist--I promise to try harder, now that my head doesn't feel so foggy. Which I kind of miss, truth be told.

Sorry, I probably shouldn't have said anything yet, after all. Think I'll try to find a TV to watch the parade on--there's gotta be one in here, I've just been too out of it to ask before today.
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...What a night.

I'm going to try to sleep now. I'm no good to anyone like this.

If there's any news on Ms. Frost, someone wake me, please? Thanks.

'Yana? Piotr's back just fine, just like everyone said he would be. But you probably know that already.
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So, I went to visit mom and dad. Try and do the whole 'reconciliation' thing, you know? I think it helped. Things seem less tense there now, although they're still obviously not thrilled to be the parents of an All-American Mutant Son. Baby steps, I guess. Any progress is better than no progress at all, right? Ronnie is a different matter, and the less said about it the better. For now, I'll take two out of three, though.

Sorry I wasn't around to help during all the Isabel-related chaos, though.

Professors, I was just wondering...Marie has her own room now, and with certain situations being a bit tense, might I be able to get my own room, too?
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